First I would like to explain the history of the company. We began advertising in June of 2000 and very quickly became the fastest growing locator service in the country. We provide our services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Currently we have had between 5,000 and 8,000 people register each month for our service. We have recently exceeded all Real Estate services in both the Dallas/Ft worth and Houston in Television Rating Points. These companies include Caldwell Banker, Century 21 and RE/Max.’s Services
  • Web Site

We provide property information online to customers trying to general information. Our website is similar to what, Springstreet and except we do not charge our properties for this service. Our properties are only charged when we send a new tenant. We currently have 50,000 monthly visitors who view 2,000,000 pages of apartment information.

  • Locating Services’s real estate services are similar to a traditional apartment locating service. However, we provide a free move unlike any of our competitors.

Customers that wish to use our locating services are required to register either online or by calling our toll free number. Once a customer registers they are assigned to a account executive or locator.

Our account executives assist customers in a number of ways. They provide detailed property information, unit availability, geographical information, and local community information.

Once our customer has chosen a property our account executive assists them in scheduling their Free Move and answer any moving questions they may have.

  • Our Settling In Service

Once the Apartment Community has approved our customer we contact the customer to assist them with their water, phone, electricity and cable transfers. Magazine/newspaper subscription and change of address are also available. Our customers are never charged for any service unless they exceed our free move offer.

Our “Free Move Offer”

Our “Free Move Offer” includes the majority of the items reasonably expected to be in ones apartment. We do charge customers a minimal charge to move items that exceed our “free move offer” or to go to more than one location. * See Example of our “Free Move Offer” below. Our insured movers are carefully screened to provide the absolute best customer service. We use professional insured moving trucks unlike some of our Pick Up/Truck and Trailer competitors.

Free Move Offer
Living Room Furniture: Bedroom Furniture (number per bedroom):
- two couches or loveseat or sectional sofa
- coffee table
- two end tables
- television (37" screens or less)
- entertainment center or TV stand (all items must be removed)
- two large chair
- one ottoman

- one set of mattresses
- one headboard and footboard
- one bed frame
- one chest of drawers (all items must be removed)
- one dresser drawers (all items must be removed)
- one television (27" screens and less)
- two nightstands

Other Items: Fees for Additional Items (other items upon request):

- three lamps
- two barstools
- one microwave
- two speakers
- one water cooler
- one computer table
- two bookshelves
- ten one-man boxes (per bedroom in the new lease)

If you lease 1 bedroom = 10 boxes;
If you lease 2 bedroom = 20 boxes; etc
(Boxes must be taped top and bottom; 75lb limit per box)

- washer and dryer $12 ($6 each)
- aquarium (empty) $8 and Up
- extra boxes $2 each
- speaker stand $4 each
- extra tables $4 each
- extra chairs $3 each
- big screen TV $25 (>37" screen)
- recliner $4
- extra couch $9
- extra lamps $5
- bike $3
- extra television $4
- BBQ pit $6
- mirrors $4
- glass tops $2 each
- weight bench $12
- vacuum cleaner $1
- picture $1
- weights 9 cents per pound

Dining Room Furniture:
- one dining room table
- 6 chairs
  • Our Moving Procedures

Once a customer schedules a move online or has a move scheduled by a customer care representative we provide them with an online interface to complete there move process. First the customer must complete our online inventory form. This allows us to be completely prepared for the move when we first arrive at the “moving from” address. We will also make the customer aware of items we are not certified to move such as pianos, antique grandfather clocks and pool tables. When a customer requests service for one of these items we will recommend a specially certified moving company.

Next the customer reviews a Rights and Responsibilities page. This page is designed to make the customers aware of all their rights and responsibilities when using a commercial household goods carrier like These rights and responsibilities include but are not limited to procedures for filing claims, completing claims, transit insurance and makes them aware of the regulatory agencies that govern household goods carriers.

The third we do is explain our insurance policies to the customer. This allows the customer to be fully aware of our limit of liability and all the state minimum requirements for settling claims. We also give to customer the option to increase our limit of responsibility to $10,000 per item we move for $20. This is lowest rate for valuation available in our industry.

We then make the customer aware of policies and procedures. This eliminates any confusion on the most stressful day “Moving Day” and allows them the comfort of knowing they are prepared.

Once a customer completes our online moving interface we have a moving manager call the customer to verbally confirm their moving schedule and answer any additional questions they may have. The next contact the customer has with is when our movers arrive on time the day of their move.

  • How do we notify an Apartment Community of a prospective lease? representatives can notify properties five different ways:

1. Call Notification - A representative calls the property and notifies them that a prospective resident is planning a visit to their property. Once we contact the property we notify the customer to go ahead and visit the property.

2. Call Register – A representative will call and obtain a registration number prior to sending the prospective resident out.

3. Fax Notification- a representative faxes the property to notify them that a prospective resident is planning a visit to their property. Once we fax the property we notify the customer to go ahead and visit the property.

4. Fax Registration- A representative will fax the property and request a registration number prior to sending the prospective resident out.

5. Name on Application- We do not contact the property. We simply send the prospective resident out to the property and require that they list as locator on their application and lease.

  • How we authenticate our Traffic

Any customer who wishes to use’s free locating service or free moving service must meet the following requirements.

1. Register for our service prior to visiting any properties.
2. Receive detailed property information from a account executive prior to visiting that property.
3. List as the apartment locating service on the guest card, lease application and lease contract.

Once a customer has chosen a particular property we screen the customer to verify that:

1. They are not a sister property transfer,
2. They have not previously lived at this property
3. Visited this property prior to receiving information from

If any customer answers yes to any of these questions they are declined from using our “Free Move Offer” and the property is never billed.

After we screen the customer we send a fax confirmation to the property verifying we properly registered the customer and that the customer listed us on the guest card, lease application and lease contract. We do not move the customer or bill the property until we receive this fax confirmation back from the property.

  • Commission Requirements requires a 50% minimum commission requirement on all floor plans. Our customers are required to sign a minimum 6-month lease to qualify for our free moving service. If a customer signs a lease that does not meet our 6-month minimum we do not bill your property and the referral is free. Once a customer takes occupancy in your unit you will be invoiced the amount confirmed by a confirmation agent. We require all confirmations to be faxed back to our corporate office prior to providing our free moving service to your new tenant. If a tenant we provide vacates the property after you submit payment to you will be refunded our commission as follows:

Commission refund policy:

1. If customer vacates with-in 30 days we will refund 100% of the gross commission
2. If a customer vacates your property 31-60 days after move-in we will refund 66% of gross commission
3. If customer vacates your property 61-90 days after move-in we will refund 33% of the gross commission
4. If a customer vacates your property after 90 days of occupancy will not refund any of the gross commission.

  • Updating Your Property has three ways to update your property. First, you can call property management department and request an update fax. This fax will display your property information with out rents and deposits simply complete the missing fields and return the fax to our toll free fax number.

Second, call the property management department and request a login and password. This will give you access to add, delete and/or change any information displayed on the website. You will also be able to view information on any customer we have referred or moved to your property.

Third, have your marketing director call our property management department and request a property management login and password which will give them access to add, delete and/or change any information displayed on the website for any properties they manage. Your marketing director will be able to view any information on any customer we referred or moved to any of the properties he or she manages.

  • Customer Satisfaction

The customers we recently surveyed said that 95% would use the service again and 96% would refer us to a friend. We have only been around for a short period of time but have already developed the best customer loyalty in the Apartment Locating Industry.

Potential Opportunities
  • Customer Database Search is introducing a customer database search, which will allow a property to search for customers in the same manner a customer searches for properties. The property would select an area of town then search for customers who are actively searching for specific floor plans with in a specific price range. This search will return a list of hundreds of prospective tenants. The property can send a message including pictures of their property to hundreds of customers explaining any specials or concessions offered.

  • Television Exposure will be featuring properties we represent in our television campaign at no charge to the property or management company.

  • Feature property Listings

Our feature property listings receive ten times more traffic than properties not featured. These properties have received as many as 10 leases in just one month.


  •’s Web Site hosts one of the most useful websites on the Internet. We allow our 50,000 monthly visitors to view 2,000,000 pages of apartment information at no charge to either the customers or the properties we represent. We provide the same web site listing service as, and except our’s is Free!!!

  • Representatives provides the only complete relocation service in the industry. Our customer care representatives have access to the best software available; this allows them to send property information to our customers at the speed of light. We provide them the information necessary to find a new place, we make arrangements to connect their utilities and we move them for free

  •’s Movers provides our customers a quality moving service by only hiring courteous and professional movers and only rewarding them for providing the highest level of customer service.


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